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Birth your Soulful Business- and create a royal income!

June 26, 2020

This is for you if you are an awakening entrepreneur!

Have you been feeling that you have more to offer the world than the job you're doing right now? But you're not sure what exactly that should look like? Maybe you're scared to fully claim your gifts and share them with the world? Afraid you're not good enough, or won't be able to make the kind of money you desire?

I get you.

It's friggin' scary and vulnerable to admit that you were meant for more, and to look your heart's desires straight in the face.

When I decided to leave my successful career in innovation & sustainability to start my energy healing practice, I had to work through a TON of resistance.

Not just on the business side of things.... nooooo. That was the easy part as I know business. I ate business strategy for breakfast.

No, it was everything that was lurking beneath the surface. My major fears around being outcasted when I'd step into this field. My body would go into fight-flight response at the sheer thought of doing this kind of work.

In my journey over the past years, I came to understand that there are so many things at play for all of us when we are called to fully step into our Soul Purpose. Things that they don't teach you in regular business courses.

I'm talking about trauma: internalized critical beliefs about the work I was doing. About my own value as a human being. And not just things from this life: I found that a lot of my fear stemmed from past life karma. There were many lives where I was burned at the stake for working my magic.

My journey to setting up my thriving business was long and dark. I had to revisit and heal many painful places within myself. I was figuring a lot of it out by myself, and felt very lonely in the process. Until I finally allowed myself to get some help. And things got a lot more fun and smooth from there :)

I believe that what the world needs most now are inspired people who bring their full selves and all of their gifts to the table.

And that is why I'm opening up a select number of spots for  a transformative healing & coaching journey.

This journey covers 6 months, where we set you up to fully step into your light, clear any blockages that are holding you back from bringing your gifts to the world. We'll set up a solid foundation for your Soul business, work on your Money Mindset and we'll take it all the way through to launching your first offers. In this coaching container, fun will be a top priority. Because I feel that journeys of growth -although they may be uncomfortable at times- are meant to be enjoyed.

No more hiding. No more playing small.

If this post gives you the tingles and you're curious to know more, please feel free to book a complimentary discovery call with me to explore what ways we can work together!

The link is in the comments.

You are awesome!

PS This picture was taken during my Journey of Awakening 5 years ago, when I finally opened up to my Soul Calling. To me, it symbolizes the abundance we all experience when we dare to align with our True Purpose :D