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The power of intention for creating your dream life

July 14, 2020

⚡️ I strongly believe in the power of INTENTION ⚡️

That feeling of knowing WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. It helps to really put my priorities in order, and to make the right decisions when life throws all kinds of demands at me.

When I’m in a process of creation, I also like to set an intention, and infuse the process and outcome with that intention as much as possible.

This is why I decided to rent a ✨ really beautiful space ✨ for my very first Elsenzo strategy offsite. My intention was to create the space to bring forth the BIG ideas. The ideas that will help my clients and myself to create their most true, beautiful and abundant lives. My intention was to infuse this beauty and spaciousness right into my offers and packages.

Another intention I have for my life, is to savor and nurture my family and social life. Because my friends and family are the ones who support me in tough times (and believe me, there definitely have been plenty of those). They do not only help me to live my dream life- they are part of it!

This is why I invited a bunch of them over for the last night of the offsite. We had good food, giggles, good company, true conversations…  I feel that all of the beauty, wealth and space in the world is worth SOOO much more when you can share it with the people you love! 💕

The last few years definitely have been a big journey of transformation for me. It’s interesting to notice that that nagging feeling that has been with me for most of my life- has actually been quieted. It was that feeling that there is MORE to life than what I was experiencing. And I can now truly say that I feel I have found my peace. I have never felt more at home in my life than I do right here & right now. Allowing myself to be the most true version of myself. Unapologetically doing the things I love, loving the people I love, shining my light as brightly as possible… And creating a great income by doing so! Abundance truly is an inside job ❤️

If you feel like you’re called into something BIGGER in your life, but do not quite know how to make it happen- a 1:1 coaching trajectory with me may be just what you need to bring your dreams into this reality.