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Why there is No online event for the LIBERATE ceremonies.

September 1, 2020

Why there is NO digital meeting or recording of the Karma Clearing Ceremonies

🌝 I often get the question 'When is the ceremony? Do I get the link or the recording?' when I talk about the LIBERATE: Full Moon Fire Karma Clearing Ceremonies.

❤️ Which makes a lot of sense. We're used to being physically (or digitally) present at a meeting or ceremony to get the full benefit.

🔥 The LIBERATE Karma clearing series works a little different, though:


💕 Because in this clearing, we work with your Higher Self- the part of your being that resides in the higher realms of consciousness. So you get to experience big shifts and healings with minimum effort. Yay! (Ok ok, there IS the 21-day integration prayer to solidify the energetic shifts)

🦜 And because of the truly ✨magical✨ location we are fortunate enough to be welcomed into to perform these ceremonies does not have any artificial light, there is no way to host a digital prayer circle. (See the picture: this is Tierra Nahuàl, the sacred prayer grounds owned and stewarded by Stephanie and her family). ✨🙏✨

🌿 This has a benefit: instead of focusing on technology, I get to focus on creating the most clear, true and beautiful connection with all of our High Selves. Which helps to deepen the healing, and open the channel for Divine Activations to flow through

🦄 To make sure all of you are part of the magic, all participants are invited into the ✨ LIBERATE Private Facebook Group ✨, where I post live videos before and after the ceremony, to make sure you get full access to all the information that came through during the ceremony. This way, you get all the juiciness of a big, deep, energetic Full Moon clearing- without hours of replay or having to get up in the middle of the night.

✨🔥🌝 Yay for easy, joyful and deep energetic work! 🌝🔥✨