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Body Inquiry Session

When we’re stuck we can turn to our body for guidance. Our bodies hold vast amounts of information and are ready to guide us to the answers we need. In a Body Inquiry Sessions we discover what is at the root of a physical, energetic, or emotional problem that has surfaced or keeps recurring in your life.

It’s like you’re having a phone conversation with my body, and I’m just listening in on it!
Teresa, 42, Todos Santos, Mexico

this is for you if

  • You are struggling with a physical symptom and want to heal.
  • You are curious to get guidance on a particular topic or theme in your life.

How it works

Typically between 90 and 120 minutes. In a session, we get below the surface of a certain problem via a three step process.

  • We connect and open a conversation with your body consciousness
  • We ask it to reveal the root of the issue you're working on
  • Guided by your body's wisdom, we learn how to resolve the issue

What happens in a

Body Inquiry Session

In A Body Inquiry session, you will get a deep understanding of the physical, energetic and subconscious blocks that cause an issue. You will understand where an issue originates, and what we can do to resolve it.

Your body guides the process

which may include: lifting out limiting beliefs, clearing energetic blocks, balancing chakras, releasing trauma or stuck emotions. We discover practical methods that support your healing.

You bring your topic, ailment or issue into the session. To connect with your body's wisdom, Els uses a simple and ancient tool: a pendulum. The session reveals insight on the issue, the steps to take for healing or resolution (which sometimes is just witnessing the issue), and shifts your energy. Afterwards you generally feel deeply relaxed in your body, and empowered by the clarity that emerged.

Yummy Satisfaction Guarantee

Clients find Body Inquiry Sessions deliciously relaxing, freeing, and empowering. I love doing this work and am committed to supporting your healing and insight. If you feel you didn’t get the value you were looking for you will be fully reimbursed. Please make sure you watch the video explainer before booking to qualify for this guarantee.

Are you ready to let your body help you heal?

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