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Breaking Ancestral Patterns

Live online ceremony on October 6th, 12 PM PST

Discover dysfunctional family patterns

Take the first step in healing these patterns

(Re)connect with the Power of your Lineage

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Brilliant Breakthrough Bundle

Some issues take more time to truly resolve. Chronic illness and recurring life themes generally require multiple sessions to fully discover and resolve what is underlying, so you can heal and move forward.

As the journey unfolds, we peel back layer after layer. It's great to discover this hidden part of myself
Maaike, 43, San Francisco, USA

this is for you if

  • You want to dive deeper on a specific issue over a matter of months with multiple sessions
  • You want to do regular sessions to keep your energy body clear and vibrant

How it works

  • You create your own mix-and-match custom package of 4 sessions:
  • Sessions can be either Body Inquiry, Karma-Clearing, or a mix of both
  • You have the option to choose your package mix up front, or we can see how each session unfolds and customize the package as clarity emerges

What happens in a

Brilliant Breakthrough Bundle

Brilliant Breakthrough Bundles give you a safe container of steady ongoing support so you can finally get to the root of and fully address a long-standing or deep-seated issue that has been keeping you sick or holding you back.from the life you desire.

You get to customize your package to best meet your needs with either Body Inquiry or Karma-Clearing sessions as we go deeper to understand what’s getting in the way of you living your full self, clear old patterns, and access your body’s brilliant guidance to resolve the issue.

Yummy Satisfaction Guarantee

Clients find Body Inquiry and Karma-Clearing Sessions insightful, freeing, and empowering. I love doing this work and am committed to your healing and insight. If -after the first session- you feel you didn’t get the value you were looking for you will be fully reimbursed. When you schedule, please tick the box to say you have watched the explainer video that prepares you for our time together.

Are you ready for the stuck stuff to finally shift?

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