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Soul Purpose and Shine Bright Package

We are meant to share our unique soul gifts with the world and you deserve to shine as your full, radiant self. That’s why we dive below the surface of the physical/emotional issues you’re experiencing and access your body's wisdom to heal, clear, and integrate the things that are holding you back. So that we can see your Soul shining through and set you on track to fulfill your Soul Purpose. So you can express the full glow of who you are!

Holy F$ckballs! In these 3 months, I have received and grown so much! I have created a solid base within myself and I can feel the Divine flowing through me
Simone, 30, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

this is for you if

  • You want to heal whatever it is that’s standing in the way of living fully as who you really are
  • You want to discover and live your soul purpose

How it works

  • Over the course of 3 months, we dive deep into your being to heal, clear and integrate the things that are holding you back from living your Soul Purpose
  • We combine various transformative healing modalities, customized to your unique journey--including Body Inquiry, Karma-Clearing, and much more
  • This is a fully supported journey. You get seven 90-minute sessions, direct access to Els via e-mail and Whatsapp, and juicy bonuses!

What happens in a

Soul Purpose and Shine Bright Package

Over the course of three months we access your body’s wisdom to heal issues and reveal your soul purpose. We may work with the energy of the body (Body Inquiry), work with past lives (Karma-Clearing), or bring in additional supportive modalities to help uncover your soul purpose.

By this journey’s end you have a clear sense of the soul purpose you are here to live. You’ll feel more alive, free to be yourself, and connected with the larger whole.

Soul Purpose & Shine includes:

  • A series of seven 90-minute sessions
  • Ongoing support between sessions via e-mail or Whatsapp
  • BONUS: Two 30-minute Laser Sessions if you have an urgent question or issue arise

Yummy Satisfaction Guarantee

Clients find this 3 month journey deeply freeing and empowering. I love doing this work and am committed to supporting your healing and insight. As everybody's journey is different, we check in with your High Self before each session what needs to be worked on at that particular moment. This way, we ensure that this package suits your deepest needs and brings you maximum value and transformation.

Are you ready to Do what you’re here for and Shine?

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