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Karma-Clearing Session

Sometimes, no matter what we do, an issue we struggle with persists. I like to compare our subconscious mind to a supercomputer, with our learned behaviors as software programs influencing our experience. These programs can stem from our current life, our ancestral lineage, and even from past lives. Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between beneficial and disruptive programs, and this is where we get stuck in old loops and painful patterns that hold us back from Life's full juiciness and our personal purpose. In a Karma Clearing Session, Els researches and clears your disruptive programs (karma).

The changes I noticed right after the session are indescribable. It feels like the root of my negative patterns has been taken out. I feel like I'm reborn!
Nico H., 50, Amsterdam

this is for you if

  • People who want to get guidance on a particular topic that has come up in their life that is holding them back.
  • People who want to heal and resolve a persistent struggle that keeps triping  them up

How it works

Karma-Clearing sessions are 90 minutes, in which we look to your past lives to understand the current struggle, then clear old programs that block your healing or progress:

  • At your booking, you describe the question or topic you want to research
  • Before your session, Els researches your energetic programs and any relevant past-life experiences of your Soul
  • In our session, we discuss the results. We clear & heal the programs and help you integrate the shifts

What happens in a

Karma-Clearing Session

Karma-Clearing sessions are 90 minutes during which we connect with your Higher Self / Soul to see what programs are present in your energetic field, and then clear whatever isn’t serving you, so you can heal, move forward in your life, and step fully into who you are.

  • Upon scheduling your session, you name the specific topic, issue, or life question that is holding you back
  • Prior to your session, Els researches the programs that are holding you back. And she visits the Akashic Records to receive any past-life information that is relevant to this topic (45 min)
  • During the session, we do a clearing of the old programs that aren’t serving you
  • You experience a big shift as old patterns are released and insight is gained
  • After the session you’ll receive a 21 day integration prayer to stabilize your energetic field

Yummy Satisfaction Guarantee

Clients find that Karma Clearing sessions give them deep insight in the patterns that are holding them back, and experience shifts in their experienced reality. I love doing this work and am committed to supporting your healing and insight. If you feel you didn’t get the value you were looking for you will be fully reimbursed. When you schedule, be sure to tick the box to say you have watched the

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