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Soul Purpose Business-Birthing Package

What happens when we integrate energy healing with business innovation & strategy? Soul Purpose businesses are born! Our culture tells us it’s one or the other--you can make a great living OR you can do what makes you come alive--but you can’t have both. But a new wave of entrepreneurs is emerging that is breaking through that paradigm. And you are one of them. This package is for those who are ready to receive a royal income by doing what truly lights them up. We dive deep into the depths of your being to heal, clear, and integrate what has been holding you back. We discover your Soul Purpose and we work together to translate your purpose into an awesome business that satisfies your soul & brings in a royal income.

You have no idea how much you helped me. I can feel old stories and blockers falling away every day!
Margarita, Palo Alto, California

this is for you if

  • You want to discover and live your soul purpsose, but don't know where to start
  • You know you want to translate your soul purpose into a thriving business
  • You don't want to launch alone and are seeking support for both your business strategy and your well-being
  • You want to create your business in a holistic way that is balanced, nourishing and guided by the wisdom of your body and soul

How it works

Over the course of 6 months we:

  • Access your body’s wisdom to heal issues and discover your soul purpose
  • We clear blocks from the past and up-level your money mindset so you can live your purpose abundantly
  • We set up the foundations of your business--from identifying your ideal client all the way to your first launch
  • You go on to watch your income grow to royal dimensions as you fully step into your soul purpose.

What happens in a

Soul Purpose Business-Birthing Package

This is the package for those who are READY. Over the course of six months we make the incredible journey of healing what ails you and holds you back, uncovering your soul purpose, translating it into a viable business, clearing energetic blocks to your success, up-leveling your money mindset so you can receive abundance doing what you’re here to do, setting up the foundations of your business, identifying your ideal client, and preparing you for your first launch.

By journey’s end you have everything you need in place to launch your Soul Business so you can receive a royal income doing what you’re here to do.

The Soul Purpose & Business Birthing Package includes:

  • 12 90-min healing/coaching sessions over the course of 6 months
  • 2 150-min deep dive business design sessions (5 hrs total)
  • Whatsapp & email support during these 6 months
  • BONUS: 4 30-min laser sessions
  • BONUS: Access to any other group programs that Els launches in the time we work together

Yummy Satisfaction Guarantee

Clients find this 6 month journey deeply freeing and empowering. I love doing this work and am committed to supporting your healing and insight. As everybody's journey is different, we check in with your High Self at the start of each session what needs to be worked on at that particular moment. This way, we ensure that this package suits your deepest needs and brings you maximum value.

Are you ready to discover & create your soul purpose business

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